Leading Trial Lawyers in Los Angeles representing employees, individuals, and businesses.

The attorneys of Stevens Law are committed to their clients from their first phone call or meeting. Skilled in every aspect of litigation, they have the expertise to advise clients on how best to navigate the legal process not only in Los Angeles, but throughout California.


When an employee needs protection from retaliation or harassment, we provide advice and guidance on options ranging from a private resolution to a strong presentation before a jury. When a business dispute arises among partners or investors, we offer creative solutions that can avoid litigation. When someone has been victimized by a fraudulent scheme or suffered from a defective product, we waste little time in seeking justice. But while we’re always ready to take any case to trial, we appreciate that this is not always the best approach. We try to tailor our approach to each client’s individual situation and needs.


At Stevens Law, we take the time to explain every step of the litigation process so that our clients can make informed decisions about whether to take a dispute to trial or resolve it through settlement. What makes us leading trial lawyers is our individualized approach to every case, treating our clients with respect and understanding.

You have options. We're here to help. 

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