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Multiple companies are involved in the process of manufacturing a product from the design through manufacturing and marketing/distribution.  When that product is defective, liability can attach to all of the companies involved in these three steps of production before it gets into the hands of the consumer.


For example, a design defect is inherent and exists before the product is manufactured.  While the item might serve its purpose well, it can be unreasonably dangerous to use because of the design flaw.  On the other hand, manufacturing defects occur during the construction or production of the item.  Only a few out of many products of the same type are flawed in this case.  Defects in marketing deal with improper instructions and failures to warn consumers of latent dangers in the product.


Determining whether there is a potential claim for a defective product, tracking down all of the parties in the chain of manufacturing, and proving liability for each of these parties requires a skilled and experienced legal team.


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