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Are you in a dispute with a company that you believe has kept money that it should have refunded?  These types of cases are called consumer fraud cases and can involve the following types of scenarios:


  • You have a dispute with a bank over its refusal to refund charges that you did not authorize, improper credit card fees, student loan issues, or breach of privacy.
  • You are fighting with a company that shipped an order of products that you stopped.
  • You are disputing a bill with one of your creditors involving an incorrect charge.
  • You are fighting with a company that refuses to honor its refund or exchange policy, or has used misleading or false advertising or deceptive sales practices.


When a consumer fraud attorney contacts a company on your behalf with a consumer complaint, that company is more likely to settle a valid claim.  And the law even requires that the company pay your legal fees if you prevail in the dispute. Contact us today to find out what recovery you may be entitled to.

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